My Tuning card collection

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Edited 10-09-10: Due to the recent politics surrounding the arcades such as Arcade Infinity i decided to stop sales of Tuning cards as well as frequenting Arcade Infinity itself. My trips to Super Arcade are also coming to a hault as i am being irritated by the drama and feuds that this game has sparked in recent weeks. You can now find me frequenting Family Arcade playing WMMT3 for 50 cents a game since not a lot of people go there and start up their bullshit feuds. I am also not going to frequent the WME Forums as much. Sorry for the inconviniance that this may cause but this is my choice and i must stick to it.

Underneath is a collection of tuning cards i have collected in the last 2 years that i’ve been playing Namco’s Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade game.

Above are my legit tuning cards that i started from scratch:
– LOLI★ S9 Nissan 180SX [RPS13]
– Ushio A2 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II nur [BNR34]
– Taiga B8 Nissan Fairlady Z 370Z [Z34]

These cards are not renameable as i have witnesses that know i started my 180SX in late 2008 at Japan Arcade when they use to have WMMT3. I started my R34 from a WMMT3 dissuse (chapter 21/600HP) at Family Arcade. And finally my Z34 at Japan Arcade when the Z34 was unlocked for WMMT3DX.

Rest In Peace.
I lost my legit S30 a while ago. This was a card i also made from a WMMT3 dissuse (chapter21/600HP) at Family Arcade and i miss this card a lot. I am working on a B7 rank renameable to replace my original S30 even though it’s not the same. 😦

– Taiga B9 Nissan Skyline GT-R [BCNR33]

This is the remaning WMMT3 card that i have left. This is also proof that i started it from scratch off of WMMT2 Version B. I don’t play WMMT3 as often as this version of WMMT is becoming more obsolete as time goes by, but it’s good to keep at least 1 copy around when there isn’t newer version of WMMT at a nearby arcade.

Underneath are a bunch of WMMT3/WMMT3DX/WMMT3DX+ renameables that i really don’t care too much about. In this pile i have my team cards & cards i get bored of and sometimes give away after a while. I’m not a big fan of carrying cards with 10K stars or more that i never earned myself.


And underneath is my collection of the most known renameables in Southern California such as the SS3 DEVIL R32 or the SSS S.P.W Evo 8. I even have a couple of HEI renameable cards.

Note: Nameless SS7 R32 and wlfan SS8 Evo 8 are not renameable cards but i have them anyway. :p

These cards are not for sale.


Other cards
These are my Initial D cards for Initial D Arcade stage 3, 4 & 5 as well as my DJ Max TECHNIKA cards. These are 2 other arcade games i play once in a while.


Still alive

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Just thought i’d reactivate my WordPress account yet again after doing so various times a few years ago. Just don’t expect much to happen around here unless i am very bored. Thank unemployment that i have returned. I’m sure once i start working again this will become obsolete again.